University of Birmingham
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Adventure Training

Adventurous training is a fantastic way to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. UBAS runs many adventurous training camps each year, both in the UK and abroad, building resilience, confidence and physical abilities as well as being extremely fun. From skiing in France to sailing in Croatia, there is a huge range of adventurous training activities on offer.

Exercise Alpine Eagle

In 2018 and 2019, 10 UBAS students took part in Ex Alpine Eagle in Bavaria. The fantastic landscape of the Alps provided a unique experience to take part in incredible activities such as canyoneering, mountain biking and Klettersteig - climbing the steep mountain face attached only to a steel cable fixed to the rock.

Exercise Kernow Lion

At the end of each academic year, the whole squadron takes part in a weeklong adventurous training trip in Anglesey, with activities including kayaking, climbing, sailing and mountain biking.
This is always a highlight in the UBAS calendar, developing confidence, resilience and team spirit as well as a good final farewell to students graduating and leaving UBAS.